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Medical Record


Name: Claudia
Age: 54 years old
Gender: female
Marital Status: divorced, two children

Occupation: employee

Chief Complaint: Hypercholesterolemia not influenced by diet; high blood pressure; very depressed.
Clinical Surgical Background: Tonsillectomy – Appendectomy – Breast cancer operation in 1988. 
Parents died from cardiovascular disease .
Anamnesis and interrogation:
First Consultation (October 1994):
 “I am very depressed because of my daughter’s departure. I find the idea of my daughter living with her partner difficult to deal with. I’m not happy any more. I feel lazy and have no goals. Why should I continue living? I cannot control my life any more.”.
Patient says she has a huge problem with her son she cannot understand. She expresses she feels angry: “He was psychiatrically hospitalized. I cannot talk to him. He doesn’t want to receive medical care.”.


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