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Purpose:The contemporary world exhibits wider contact facilities established by communications between mankind at all levels.

There is no town, city or region in our vast planet that is not crossed by millions of waves creating an information network around all human beings.

However, this wide possibility goes against those who wish to focus on a very specific branch of knowledge. The characteristics of the current scientific world reveal the unavoidable and pressing need to become a specialist in any discipline.
Facing this undeniable and apparently contradictory reality, Eugenio and Marcelo Candegabe intend to offer their colleague homeopaths an online University. A highly qualified teaching and information forum which will gather all the homeopathic medical research accessible at any time, according to individual needs.
It is known that  medical practice does not allow practicioners to attend congresses or conferences around the world or  take courses with timetables that do not meet their schedules. This online University will provide them with the possibility to have access to reliable information.

Throughout time and gradually, this University will offer regular courses lectured by well-known doctors with international experience as well as seminars, special classes, and teleconferences with renowned worldwide homeopaths. All the material offered will be prepared with modern techniques as regard to television quality and DVD format. Thus, applicants will be able to build their own online libraries for permanent reference.

We are aware of the difficult task ahead of us but we are encouraged by the memory of great masters who long ago gave their effort to future generations in order to spread the Divine Homeopathy. Therefore, we receive our colleagues with a warm welcome to the always alive webpage of our University.


What is Homeopathy in reality?

Contemporaneous science has evidenced a reality discovered by Homeopathy more than 200 years ago: what we usually call “disease” is only an external manifestation, the exteriorization of a process that affects the entire body.
The first disorders that will later be expressed as clinical symptoms arise within the intimacy of mind and body.
Homeopathic medicines heel by redirecting the vital force of each organism as a way of regaining health, equilibrating the vital force and making harmony possible and, in consequence, individuals can freely departure towards their transcendent end. The methodology of homeopathic medicine is also adequate to prevent illnesses as it reveals any disease predisposition even before the first symptoms appear at modern medicine’s complementary analyses.
Homeopathic treatment aims at bringing about a cure to the current illness of the patient as well as at healing the causes of such disease and the disequilibrium that caused it, as it takes every human being as a whole, as a completely different being, regarding both health and illness.
Doctors Eugenio and Marcelo Candegabe, direct disciples of master Tomás Pablo Paschero, experts in homeopathic doctrine and clinic and bearers of an extensive academic experience which they gained at a vast number of seminars held along their 40 years of worldwide teaching, together with a prestigious group of international professors, open the doors to the first online University of Homeopathy.


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