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The study of the healing characteristics of the Homeopathic remedies, should be a daily and mandatory task for the Homeopathic Doctor.. Hundreds of books have been written, in order to transmit the clinical experience of the Homeopath Teachers, of all times but, significantly the diversity of the Homeopathic Materia Medica is such, that it is impossible to embrace it completely without a Method enabling its study, far beyond the simple act of just reading it. That is why the Candegabe Homeopthy University is presenting this Materia Medica Master, directed by Professor Emeritus Dr. Eugenio Candegabe, where the study of the remedies with their pertaining comparisons, is exposed. This method of the Comparative Materia Medica, provides the richness of studying several remedies, stemming off from a main remedy thus contributing to its better understanding.

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So now, making use of the most modern thechnology at our disposal in the Internet and available in TV format and DVD quality, you will be able to have Online access to Prof. Dr. Eugenio Candegabe´s Classes, who has a reputed career path with more than 50 years of teaching expertise, which ensures the success of this project. Next to him, highly qualified professors of the CHU, have developed in a clear way, the nuclear and essential symptomatology of each one, among tenths of remedies, thus giving shape to an authentic virtual Homeopathic Library.

Once your Application has been made effective, the material will be availble in your account, ready for consult, whenever you may wish to do so. You will also receive via email the Masteria Medica Master Certificate. 


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